Marketing efficiency

Mortgage Introducer

January 9, 2019

Louise Panayides (pictured) is founder of EDGE Creative

Efficiency. It’s fast becoming the most important word in the mortgage industry, and indeed in the financial services sector in general. Since we’re all operating in a technological driven world, nobody wants to wait anymore. Nobody wants to waste time.

It’s certainly something brokers are seeing now. Those that are able to cater to all of their clients needs, from offering a mortgage to sorting out protection and even finding commercial solutions, are most in demand. It’s a cliched phrase but one that is clearly true – consumers want a one-stop-shop.

In our world of marketing, it’s something we’ve strived to deliver since setting up. However, efficiency is just one of the reasons we do this. Far more important is the effect a joined-up approach has on the impact of our campaigns.

It’s something we see quite a lot when speaking with new clients. They think they’re firing on all cylinders, they have someone in-house looking after their social media, they’ve tried email campaigns, they occasionally take out an advertisement in a relevant title. And they have some degree of success. But this approach is missing something, it’s missing that cohesion, that special ingredient that brings everything together. And that’s where a lot of firms have fallen down in the past.

This type of marketing can serve a purpose, it can help hit some targets. But if you’re not careful it can be disjointed and fragmented, weakening the impact of your brand significantly.

A full service agency with an holistic approach and a multifaceted offering can take your company to the next level. A comprehensive campaign covering every aspect of marketing can propel your brand to new heights.

Centricity is key. An approach that includes content creation, brand strategy, web development and social all from one central base is by the far the most effective path a firm can take – an approach that embraces traditional platforms and new forms of media, covers cross disciplines and draws on the expertise and experience of a range of marketing professionals.

Your clients are coming to you for a comprehensive, efficient service – why wouldn’t you expect the same from your marketing agency?

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