Marsden sees 80% rise in residential enquiries from expats

Mortgage Introducer

August 23, 2018

Marsden Building Society has seen expat residential enquiries increase by 80% in the past month.

More people living abroad are showing interest in buying UK property for when they return or for their family.

Steve Robinson (pictured), head of lending at Marsden Building Society, said: “We’ve seen a real step up in engagement from the expat market of late, we’re finding that there seems to be a real appetite around our expat lending solutions.

“Our Expat Residential, or Family Occupation range as some may call it offers those working outside of the UK an opportunity to buy a property as a base when they return to the UK or so their family may reside in it.

“Pleasingly, there’s a growing demand in the market and with it an increased level of product innovation for lenders too giving intermediaries and their expat clients more choice when it comes to selecting their mortgage.”

“We’ve recently made some changes ourselves introducing Qatari Riyal as an acceptable currency, simplifying our product range and giving full access to the intermediary market all of which is our ongoing commitment to the market to offer more options.”

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