Masses of homeowners relocate from London

Ryan Bembridge

November 9, 2017

London lost over 90,000 homeowners in 2016 when you work out how many left compared to those who arrived from other areas in the UK, analysis of Land Registry data from housebuilder Barratt Homes has found.

A total of 291,600 homeowners moved away from the capital and 198,300 came to live in the city from the rest of the UK, a loss of 93,300.

However of those who left London around 110,000 and 73,000 went to the South East and East, indicating they only joined the commuter belt.

The area with the biggest influx was the South West of England, which welcomed 146,800 homeowners and only saw 116,700 leave, a net increase of 30,100.

A Barratt spokesperson said: “When homeowners choose to move to a new area of the UK, even if that’s a neighboring region, they’re making a big decision about where they plan to spend the next stage of their life.

“It’s fascinating to see where the levels of relocation are fairly evenly balanced, and where there is the most growth, such as the South West region for instance.”

The South East of England saw the biggest inflow of homeowners across the UK, with 238,800 coming and 225,100 going.

The fewest number moved to the North East (43,088) and Wales (58,655), though they still saw 1,000 and 3,400 more come than go.

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