MBE welcomes first time exhibitors

Sarah Davidson

September 12, 2014

Other new exhibitors are CSC Loans, Age Partnership, GE Money Lending, Hodge Lifetime, JMS Secure Data, Loans Warehouse and Pure Retirement.

Mike Mikunda, show director, said: “Exhibiting at a show is a huge commitment, not only financially, but also in terms of time away from the day job, so we are delighted that companies are still signing up for the first time, 13 years after we launched our first event.

“But as well as our longstanding heritage, we also ensure the show is fresh and engaging year on year.

“This is why we opted to bring MBE 2014 into the Barbican in Central London, with its great transport links and parking facilities.

“We’re also confident that this year’s seminar programme will be the best yet, enabling all exhibitors, whether they are first time or have done so before, to take a huge amount from their time at MBE 2014.”

Returning exhibitors for the 13th event include the Equity Release Council, Leeds Building Society and Nationwide for Intermediaries.

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