MBT Affordability passes more than 300,000 lender affordability calculations

Michael Lloyd

April 10, 2019

MBT Affordability has passed more than 300,000 lender affordability calculations and hundreds of broker registrations, just a week since its official launch.

Launched by Mortgage Broker Tools, MBT Affordability provides brokers with one calculator that gives accurate affordability for all mainstream lenders. There are no approximations or estimates as the approach ensures 100% accurate affordability results every time.

Lewis Lenssen, managing director at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “We knew there was huge appetite from brokers who wanted an accurate and convenient way to research affordability without having to spend hours trawling individual lender calculators or using inaccurate estimates from income multiples.

“But we have still been surprised at the level of demand we have seen in the first week since the official launch of MBT Affordability, with hundreds of registrations and thousands of calculations.

“A lot of businesses have already included the platform as part of their sales processes and found that it enables them to work smarter, demonstrate a clearer audit trail and have more confidence that they are delivering better customer outcomes.

“For brokers who think that MBT Affordability could enhance their business, I’d say – give it a go. There are no long contracts and no set-up costs. Just simple, straight-forward pricing to access this ground-breaking platform.”

MBT currently provides affordability results for up to 30 lenders and there have already been more than 10,000 cases put through the platform.

The system keeps a record of all cases and affordability results, providing an automatic compliance audit trail that demonstrates best affordability research. Case details can be amended at any time and affordability can be re-queried, making it simple and fast for brokers to carry out their research.

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