MBT and Iress deliver integrated platform

Jake Carter

April 12, 2021

Mortgage Broker Tools (MBT) has partnered with Iress to deliver an integrated research platform.

The tool will enable brokers with the ability to source by affordability, rate, criteria and current service levels.

The integration, which will be launched later in April, means that brokers will be able to source products using Iress’ mortgage sourcing software from within MBT.

This combination of platforms will enable brokers to tailor the way they research the most appropriate product based on the client’s requirements, empowering them to provide fully researched recommendations more quickly.

This is the latest partnership announced by MBT, which continues to establish mutually beneficial relationships across the industry, with the ultimate objective of delivering brokers technology solutions that facilitate the best outcomes for their clients.

Tanya Toumadj, chief executive at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “This partnership with Iress gives brokers greater control over the way they research and source the best product for their clients.

“With affordability, rate, criteria and service levels all available within one platform, brokers can choose how they research for a product based on their client’s priorities.

“So, for example, if borrowing as much as they can afford is the main priority for a client, followed by controlling monthly payments, a broker can research affordability first and then filter the results based on the rate and monthly payment.

“Having everything in one place is going to make the process so much easier.

“Plus, we have the largest panel of lenders for residential and buy-to-let affordability in the market, so brokers can be confident they are carrying out the most comprehensive research available.

“We believe that having a range of technology focused partnerships is vital to help all our customers carry out more comprehensive research, more easily.

“We are very excited to have Iress on board and look forward to developing this partnership even further as we share a strong desire to deliver better customer outcomes.”

Dave Miller, executive general manager of commercial, at Iress, added: “Access to comprehensive yet timely research is an important part of the mortgage process, with brokers required to consider a wide range of factors when making recommendations.

“This is where technology can help make life easier and partnerships such as this with Mortgage Broker Tools are great news for brokers, as they provide a way for providers to work together to improve speed and efficiency.”

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