MBT launches integrated research platform

Jake Carter

June 16, 2021

website launch

Mortgage Broker Tools (MBT) has launched MBT Research, an integrated research platform that enables brokers to research by affordability, rates, criteria and current service levels.

MBT Research aims to provide a holistic platform, featuring comprehensive integrated research for both residential and buy-to-let (BTL).

For example, if borrowing as much as they can afford is the main priority for a client, followed by controlling monthly payments, a broker can research affordability first and then filter the results based on the rate and monthly payment.

MBT Research gives brokers a full compliance audit trail, providing one document that details the chosen product alongside and how it has been selected based on rate, affordability, criteria and service.

Tanya Toumadj, chief executive at MBT, said: “Our vision with Mortgage Broker Tools has always been to deliver the single most comprehensive research platform available to brokers.

“Providing the most suitable recommendation requires more than just researching on rate – it’s a complex balance of the client’s circumstances, objectives and priorities combined with lender variables including affordability, criteria and service.

“Carrying out comprehensive research that factors in all of these elements has always been a long and laborious process – until now.

“With MBT Research, we are combining the powerful affordability and criteria tools for which MBT Affordability has already established a market-leading reputation, and we’re integrating them with a broker’s favoured choice of sourcing provider.

“In addition, we’re also incorporating current service levels from those lenders that publish their service lead times, as this becomes a more significant factor in choice of lender.

“With all of these elements on one platform, brokers can base their research priorities on the individual needs of their client, and carry out a comprehensive search of all the available options within a matter of minutes.”

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