MCI Club unveils digital mortgage broker platform

Jake Carter

February 20, 2020

MCI Club has unveiled a new digital mortgage broker platform.

The platform will be available to existing members of the mortgage club as well as new registrants.

The firm says that the service will be completely branded for each broker’s business so the client will feel like they are still dealing with the broker directly.

Furthermore, the platform can gather information from clients, including personal and employment details, it will then analyse product, criteria and affordability sourcing to deliver a mortgage report to the client.

Phil Whitehouse, head of the MCI Club, said: “The platform supplements any broker’s usual proposition, providing them with an online presence to compete with the ‘Habitos’ and ‘Trussles’ of this world, that have dominated the headlines in recent years.

“It levels the playing field for each and every intermediary business, by providing a digital broker platform that reflects and compliments each broker’s business uniquely.

“Leads can be integrated into any back-office system and the white-labelling options ensures there is no “bump” when moving from an intermediary’s website to the digital broker.”

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