MCI Club partners with Key

Jake Carter

January 26, 2021

The MCI Mortgage Club has partnered with Key Partnerships.

According to the club, this partnership is designed to enable its members to refer clients who require advice on equity release to specialist advisers.

As part of the referral agreement, MCI members who do not hold an equity release qualification can refer cases to Key Partnerships.

MCI members who use this method will be kept up to date as the case progresses.

Melanie Spencer, head of the MCI Mortgage Club, said: “All MCI members want to support their clients and provide them with great outcomes, even if they do not necessarily advise on those particular products.

“Key Partnerships reflects MCI’s commitment to support its members by providing an established referral route as well as sharing the same values and goals as MCI members.”

Jason Ruse, business development director at Key Group, added: “With a growing awareness of the benefits that equity release and other later life lending products can offer clients around retirement, there is more interest than ever in this sector.

“We are delighted to be working with the MCI Mortgage Club to support its member’s aspirations to offer a wide range of products from trusted partners.”

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