MCI Club launches payment and processing package for brokers

Jake Carter

March 16, 2021

The MCI Club has launched a payment and processing package for all existing and new members of their mortgage club.

The package will require a single stable monthly fee and it is designed to increase each member’s revenue potential through rebates paid at the end of each month.

It incorporates a choice of technology products to increase overall productivity.

Proc fees will continue to be paid, but are dovetailed with reliable and consistent rebating, where applicable.

As part of the technology offering, the club will provide a free, but optional CRM from eKeeper that includes integrated AML and Credit Reports from Experian along with a number of other integrations.

All members have access to a flexible package, which can be tailored to the broker firms based on their aspirations.

Melanie Spencer, head of the MCI Mortgage Club, said: “The last year has been tough. Brokers have been looking for value and stability, while having to endure the ebbs and flows of various lockdowns, changes in criteria and the stamp duty holiday.

“Our innovative payment and processing package is designed to lessen at least one burden on intermediary businesses, it’s there to increase the revenue generating potential of every adviser and still continue to deliver the same value and expertise we do today.

“We encourage every DA business and AR looking to go DA to consider what a mortgage club can do for them.”

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