MCI Club relaunches site and updates brand

Jessica Bird

June 25, 2020

Melanie Spencer MCI Club

MCI Club has relaunched its website and updated its logo, as part of the restructuring of its approach to the market with a focus on putting technology at the forefront.  

Melanie Spencer (pictured) was recently appointed as head of MCI Club, following which the club has reconsidered its approach, supporting its lender panel with education, communication and promotion initiatives, and providing brokers with ‘agnostic’ technology solutions.

The club’s goal is to combine membership benefits with technology that assists all UK brokers, regardless of whether they are a member.

Spencer said: “The value of mortgage clubs comes from understanding the needs of its members, and of the lenders on its panel.

“But we believe they should be doing more – significantly more.

“The lockdown has presented significant challenges to the industry that the majority have weathered well.

“Nevertheless, we are conscious of what lies ahead for the UK mortgage market and the impact that macroeconomic factors post-lockdown will are likely to have.

“It is through technology that brokers and lenders can best shield themselves from fluctuations in the market over the next 18 months.

“This includes back-office technology to structure and make the most of a broker’s client bank, tools that qualify and onboard clients as leads, and a free [customer relationship management tool (CRM)] that provides data independence across the intermediary sector.

“Combined with our dedicated team of business development managers and a best-in-breed compliance offering, we provide a new template for mortgage clubs to follow.

“Some may highlight mortgage volumes as key when comparing clubs. We disagree, as volumes are simply the end result.

“What is more important is providing the service, value and tools to maintain those volumes for both lenders and brokers.”

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