MCI Club expands panel with Reliance Bank

Jessica Bird

April 27, 2020

Phil Whitehouse MCI club

The MCI Mortgage Club has expanded its panel to include Reliance Bank, increasing the number of ethical options available to its members.

Reliance Bank’s range focuses on those that deliver a positive social impact, including shared ownership, with individual underwriting to ensure more customers with unusual circumstances are placed.

MCI Club’s growing panel is backed by an improved technology proposition, which includes the Burrow online digital broker platform, anti-money laundering (AML) and credit reports within the eKeeper customer relationship management system, and extensive sourcing options.

Phil Whitehouse (pictured), head of the MCI Club, said: “It is a testimony to MCI’s growing popularity with lenders and intermediaries that we are one of a very small number of mortgage clubs that can distribute Reliance Bank mortgage products in the intermediary market.

“Reliance Bank [is] renowned for [its] high levels of customer service.

“MCI’s growing membership will be delighted by the opportunities to place more complex cases with a lender that has high levels of customer satisfaction at their heart.”

Gareth Byrne, head of mortgages at Reliance Bank, added: “We are excited to offer our mortgage range to members of MCI Mortgage Club.

“Our customers tell us that we provide fantastic service, and advisers can be confident that our team will provide their clients with a great customer experience and help them achieve their financial needs.”

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