MetLife UK approved 92% of claims in the past 12 months

Jake Carter

January 28, 2021

MetLife UK approved 92% of individual protection claims in the past 12 months.

This equates to 14,036 individual protection claims, totalling £12.1m, according to the company’s latest claims data.

The data also shows that MetLife paid out 244 claims totalling £434,204 in benefit for claims directly caused by COVID-19.

The claims statistics show that in the past 12 months, the individual protection business paid 7,362 hospitalisation claims, an average of 29 each day.

Furthermore, 89% of hospitalisation claims were for sickness-related admissions, demonstrating the value MultiProtect provides beyond accident cover.

A total of 3,995 claims for children were paid an average of 15 per day, and 118 Optional Active Lifestyle benefit claims were paid.

In addition, 353 funeral benefit (death by natural causes) claims were paid.

Stuart Lewis, head of claims at MetLife, said: “These claims statistics demonstrate the real value individual protection policies can provide and show that our customers and their families will be supported when they need it most – particularly when the unexpected happens.

“Alongside traditional individual protection policies, we are proud to protect the everyday, unforeseen events which happen when going about our daily routine.

“The pandemic has changed many things about people’s lives in 2020, and whilst our data shows it has not changed the way our policy protects people and pays claims, it has changed some of the causes.

“Claims for people injured jogging, dog walking, cycling, doing DIY, trampolining in the garden have replaced those for people injured playing team sports, in car accidents and at work.

“A true measure of the value of something is how it responds to the unexpected.

“Nobody could have foreseen a global pandemic, but at MetLife we are truly proud to have been able to pay 244 claims and £434,204 in benefit for claims directly caused by COVID-19.

“Our claims philosophy is built on the trust that one day, should a customer find themselves in an unfortunate situation, that we are there for them when they need it most.

“We pay valid claims in a timely manner and with the utmost sensitivity.”

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