MetLife trains staff to become mental health aiders

Michael Lloyd

October 10, 2019

MetLife has trained 16 staff to become mental health aiders enabling them to spot signs of mental health issues among colleagues.

This training at its Brighton office, also helps staff offer initial help for those with mental health issues and guide them towards support.

Today is World Mental Health Day, promoting the need for increased mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders and the best support and practice.

Dominic Grinstead, managing director at MetLife UK, said: “Mental wellness is a key focus for MetLife, offering support to customers through early claims intervention.

“It follows that employees must be a key focus too so a lot of effort goes into mental wellbeing initiatives and World Mental Health Day is a good time to underline the commitment to helping staff and customers.”

Other mental health initiatives include launching financial wellness training sessions for staff.

MetLife UK’s head of risk and compliance, Andy Nibloe, runs the mindfulness sessions which are part of a wider programme spearheaded by MetLife’s Employee Experience Forum.

This focuses on employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, wellness and corporate social responsibility.

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