Metro Bank founder to speak at ASTL conference

Robyn Hall

September 17, 2013

As revealed in this month’s issue of Bridging Introducer, fitting in with the theme of the conference, Bridging Today and Tomorrow, Anthony will take a unique look at the importance of customer centric businesses and how companies within the bridging market can adapt to become more customer focussed and prosper in the future.

Anthony Thomson is one of the leading innovators and entrepreneurs in the financial services industry, renowned for reading the market, identifying niches and launching highly successful companies with innovative solutions to take advantage of them.

In July 2010 he launched Metro Bank, the first new ‘High Street bank’ in the UK for over 150 years.

In its first three years Metro Bank opened twenty locations and attracted over 200,000 customer accounts. Anthony served as the first chairman from 2009 until 2012, before leaving the bank in December 2012.

Anthony has been included in Marketing Magazine’s ‘Power and influence top 100’ and named by the Evening Standard as ‘one of the 1000 most influential Londoners’ and one of the 60 most influential in the City.

Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL, said: “The success of the bridging industry over the past five years has been partly attributable to the unwillingness of mainstream banks to lend – especially to smaller businesses and to people who need slightly more personal and innovative solutions. Anthony Thomson was a part of that High Street Banking world, but broke the mould of the more traditional banks by focusing on the customer and offering unparalleled levels of customer service and convenience in a way that many bridging lenders aspire to do.

“Anthony’s insight into just how effective you can be if you truly put the customer first, is likely to be highly valuable to everyone in the bridging industry.

“The ASTL conference will be a unique opportunity to meet with Anthony, hear his views and his potential insights into how best to adapt and capitalise on the slow pace of change in the big banks by offering something that they are just not geared up to provide.”

Anthony Thomson said: “The Financial Services Sector is facing more challenges than at almost any time in its history. It is also facing more opportunities. Bridging lending is an emerging sector that is in prime position to capitalise on these opportunities – if it approaches it in the right way. With the regulatory changes coming round the corner only the most professional companies and individuals are likely to survive the long term and those who truly put the customer’s best interests at the heart of what they do.

“Events such as the ASTL’s conference provide an ideal opportunity for all those who are serious about being successful in bridging to get together, hear a different perspective and really think about how they will market their businesses.”

The ASTL conference will take place on Thursday 10th October and is open to lenders, brokers and all other professionals involved in bridging or short term lending.

As also revealed in this month’s Bridging Introducer other speakers will include Lorna O’Brien from the FCA, a district judge, an economist, and broker representative Rob Jupp, chief executive of Brightstar Financial who will be making his inaugural speech as chairman of the AOBP.

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