MI awards most memorable event virtually attended

Matthew Cumber

January 11, 2021

Matthew Cumber is managing director of Countrywide Surveying Services

In my previous article just before Christmas, I lauded the recent Mortgage Introducer awards as being one of the most memorable events I’d virtually attended and this wasn’t just because I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol throughout the award ceremony itself.

The continuation of such events in a variety of formats over the course of 2020 have certainly helped inspire us, as a business, to find new ways to interact and engage with our people, our clients and our lending partners during such a fragmented time.

Focusing on our recent annual conference – which was held virtually for the first time – this was a great platform to engage with all team members on a number of levels.

This included company updates, lender insight, market commentary for RICS and a focus on key areas for 2021 such as cladding.

In addition, some fun events also took place involving a virtual wine and gin reception plus a Zoom call with renowned chef Michel Roux Jr and English rugby legend Lawrence Dallaglio.

We also encouraged attendees to include those in their immediate support bubble into these social sessions as they continue to play a vital role in all our working and personal lives.

Looking at the bigger picture, businesses have been ultra-adaptable when transitioning to remote working and flexible in meeting the different demands being placed on the workforce.

The lack of office interaction continues to affect some people more than others and this is something we have to bear in mind as a management team.

This means remaining focused on making extra efforts to keep close contact with staff who are spread across the UK. A fact, which emphasises the continued importance of technology.

As we enter a new year, all businesses have to be wary of complacency when it comes to acknowledging people’s ability to deal with the extraordinary demands currently being placed on them.

Yes, the vast majority of us are in a better position to cope with remote working from a practical standpoint and, importantly, the horizon does look far brighter.

However, as a business, we have to put on our creative hats, think outside the box and continue finding ways to engage and support employees to help them though what will be a bleak winter period for some.

Vital aspects within this are listening and encouraging them to be open and honest about how they are feeling and their workloads.

Then implementing flexible solutions – where possible – which improve efficiencies as well as mental and physical wellbeing.

Businesses may not be able to solve all of the problems all of the time but embracing technology will help provide more of the tools, systems and solutions to enable people to be as safe, productive and happy as possible in what remains a hectic and challenging time.

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