Microsoft-based CRM system launched for UK brokers

Robyn Hall

November 19, 2012

ClientCore offers a fully featured back office system built on Microsoft’s world-class Dynamics CRM platform and developed by experts to meet the needs of the modern mortgage adviser.

ClientCore is easy to implement and sits within Microsoft Outlook and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. The system offers a range of client management tools that include all of the core elements of the mortgage advice process from initial client contact.

Richard Hurst, marketing director at CDS Group, said: “This is a landmark development for technology in the mortgage market. Advisers have over the years had to learn and re-learn a variety of client management systems that look, feel and behave differently; but that all changes today.

“Because ClientCore is embedded within Outlook it doesn’t matter if your firm has one user or a thousand as it is as scalable as using Outlook as your email client.

“The foundation of the ClientCore system is used by over 4 million people and Microsoft invests over $2 billion dollars in cloud infrastructure every year to support their CRM and Office investments.”

And Hurst added: “What’s more, firms can use the system straight from the box as it is fully pre-configured specifically for mortgage advisers.

“This means that advisers can securely access data online, anytime, anyplace and avoid the need for new hardware, servers or installation.

“Advisers can also receive opportunity management and lead capture directly from their website. The first program I open on my PC when I get into the office is Microsoft Outlook to check my email. Now this convenient single point will also include my Client Relationship Management system.”

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