The Midlands is the only area with robust landlord activity

Ryan Bembridge

August 21, 2018

The East and West Midlands are the only regions where more landlords bought property than sold them in the past three months, Paragon research indicates.

In Central London far more landlords are selling properties than buying them, while to a lesser extent the same trend is happening in the East of England and North East.

John Heron (pictured), managing director of mortgages at Paragon, said: “These findings highlight a big regional difference in landlord experience and buying habits.

“Some Central London landlords appear to be scaling back a little while landlords in the Midlands continue to invest on the back of a positive outlook.”

More than four out of 10 landlords in the East Midlands (42%) and one third in the West Midlands (33%) said tenant demand was increasing, compared with just under a quarter of all landlords (24%).

In Wales a similar number of landlords are buying and selling properties.

Meanwhile in Outer London, Yorkshire & the Huber, the South West, the North West and the South East, slightly more landlords got rid of properties than bought them in the past three months.

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