Midnight oil broker celebrates KFI first

Amanda Jarvis

October 23, 2004

The KFI was produced less than an hour after the system went live, at 12:40am on 11 October 2004, again highlighting the importance of 24/7 online services.

Jenny, said: “I had a meeting with a client early next morning. It was so useful to be able to process and obtain a KFI for the next day, before I went to bed! We have to be reactive in this market. Consumers want quick answers and a service that allows me to work the hours I want, when I want, is a huge plus.”

Alan Cleary, head of sales, BM Solutions, said: “We're one of the first lenders in the market to launch our KFI. We're committed to being the source of online compliant services and making brokers' lives easier throughout regulation.”

Mortgage intermediaries can now access a KFI directly from BM Solutions' website (bmsolutions.co.uk). After 31st October 2004 a KFI will continue to be produced in the same way but will then also contain the Key Facts logo and the appropriate regulatory wording.

BM Solutions launched its online service, BM Solutions Online (bmsolutions.co.uk) in January 2003. Available 24/7, brokers can now secure a virtual offer in less than one minute. The time it takes to submit a case has been reduced by the many features on offer – product matching, intelligent application forms and case tracking to name.

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