MMA launches ‘Road to Recovery’ podcast series

Ryan Fowler

May 12, 2020

The Mortgage Market Alliance (MMA) is launching a series of podcasts to look at how COVID-19 has impacted different areas of the market and the opportunities that the new environment will present for advisers.

Each ‘Road to Recovery’ podcast will feature a panel of industry experts discussing the latest developments and opportunities, with a weekly focus on different product sectors.

The first podcast, which will be recorded on Friday 15 May, will investigate how quickly the mortgage market is likely to return and why professional advice will be more important than ever, featuring input from Coreco, Paradigm, Stonebridge and Arnold & Baldwin Chartered Surveyors.

Future podcasts will cover specialist lending, buy-to-let, bridging and development finance, second-charge lending and later life lending.

Listeners will be able to find out about upcoming topics and guests, and submit their own questions and thoughts on Twitter, using @MortgageMarketA, and the podcasts will be available at www.mortgagealliance.org.uk as well as via popular podcast services.

Alex Hammond, director of the Mortgage Market Alliance, said: “This is a very challenging period for the mortgage market, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and there will be opportunities for advisers and lenders as we emerge from this pandemic.

“Our ‘Road to Recovery’ podcasts will shine a light on some of those opportunities and, we hope, help people to look forward with confidence.”

Rob Griffiths, director of the Mortgage Market Alliance, added: “Our role at the Mortgage Market Alliance is to promote the availability of mortgages and raise awareness amongst customers.

“We have been active in offering reasoned input into media coverage about mortgages throughout this pandemic and, as we now start to look forward, we want to support the industry by providing a platform to share insights and ideas.

“We are encouraging people to get involved on Twitter so that we can make these podcasts a collaborative expression of the market.”

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