Monday 11 January is the UK’s Advice Day

Mortgage Introducer

January 6, 2016

More people seek financial advice on the second Monday of the New Year than on any other day, says Unbiased.co.uk.

Use of the search on unbiased.co.uk is expected to peak on Monday 11 January, which based on past figures has been dubbed Advice Day.

From December 2014 to January 2015 traffic on the site rose by 74%, whilst the previous year saw searches increase by a huge 98% from December to January, as people put their New Year’s resolutions into action.

Karen Barrett, chief executive of unbiased.co.uk, said: “New Year is often the time when we pause and take stock – and it also comes hard on the heels of the year’s biggest spending spree, so it’s no wonder people think more about their money. The problem with most resolutions is that they’re easy to make, easy to break – but sorting out your finances needn’t be like that.

“Taking the simple step to see a financial adviser involves very little effort, and once you start to follow their advice and feel the resulting benefits, keeping to your resolution becomes a great deal easier.”

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