Money Partners launches redesigned broker website

Amanda Jarvis

April 18, 2006

Using feedback gathered from intermediaries since the site was launched in late 2004, MoneyPort has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of functionality, usability and layout.

The wide-range of enhancements includes changes to the site's technology platform, delivering improved speed and navigation, and the addition of a number of new sales tools including:

* KFI capability – to coincide with the launch of Money Partners new first mortgage product range, a completely new KFI system is available offering cascade underwriting, faster KFI generation and flexible fee management facilities.

– Quote Manager – a new Single Customer View facility bringing together all quotations generated via the site for both KFIs (first mortgages) and Credit Agreements (secured loans).

– ” Web Services “-a new tool that allows intermediaries to link their systems with Money Partners'. This allows brokers to produce KFIs from their own systems without the need to re-key data, and to have access to Money Partners core calculator system and House Price Index. These enhancements complement Money Partners' participation in the Origo e-standards initiative.

– Case-tracking – capability has been significantly improved to provide real-time links into the Underwriting system. This provides brokers with a window into Money Partners' Operations department, allowing them to track case progress from application to pay-out and so improve turnaround times.

– Mini-case tracking – now available direct from the MoneyPort homepage, allowing a broker's processors to highlight and track progress on their own pending cases.

– SMS and email updates – a brand new feature providing SMS and email alerts on case pay-out.

Richard Davis, Money Partners' IT director, said: “We have listened closely to our brokers and have used their feedback to make MoneyPort even more accessible and relevant to their needs. For example, the more commonly used facilities, such as product data, news, quotation tools and case tracking, are now available direct from the homepage.”

He added: “We are confident that the new MoneyPort meets the needs of our expanding intermediary base. Initial feedback has been extremely positive, and has generated further ideas for site development which we look forward to implementing in the coming months.

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