Moneyfacts launches new consumer demand tool

Jessica Nangle

November 21, 2019

mortgage search uptick

Moneyfacts has launched a new consumer demand data tool on its residential mortgage analyser system. 

The system aims to offer lenders instant analysis, valuable intelligence and unique insight into the residential mortgage market.

The Residential Mortgage Analyser system now incorporates consumer demand together with interest rate risk, default risk and product availability data.

The new tool uses consumer demand data from the results of tens of thousands of online residential mortgage searches made by consumers.

Darren Cook, finance expert at Moneyfacts, said: “The latest update to our Residential Mortgage Analyser is another innovation that combines accurate industry data with the ability to perform smart mortgage product market analysis.

“This latest update, which now includes our unique consumer demand data, provides a comparison of product availability, a representation of interest rate risk and default risk, combined with preferences made by our tens of thousands of consumers who search our mortgage data.”

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