MoneyVista offers online financial planning service

Yuan Phoon

November 22, 2011

The site offers personalised financial planning for those who manage their own financial affairs using the media, internet, friends and family to help them make decisions.

It also lets consumers see all of their finances and how they interrelate and it evaluates their current and future financial position by monitoring external factors such as savings rates, inflation and stock market changes and it will alert consumers if there is a change that will impact their financial plan.

Martin Peterlechner, head of marketing at MoneyVista, said: “MoneyVista is a service for the 11 million financially active UK consumers who manage their own financial affairs. It aims to give these consumers a simple, safe and secure way to create, maintain and use a financial plan.

“For many of us seeing our financial future can be a tough reality to face. However, by bringing your financial plan to life and helping you to understand your options, MoneyVista can help consumers to develop and monitor a realistic plan to achieve their financial goals.”

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