Monmouthshire BS raised over £16,000 for charities in 2020

Jake Carter

January 20, 2021

Monmouthshire Building Society’s Charitable Foundation has raised £16,231.10 for local organisations and charities in 2020.

The Charitable Foundation has founded in 2000 and since its inception has raised £301,115.86 to 504 local organisations and charities.

This funding has provided charities and organisations the ability to impact people from all walks of life, noted the society.

The foundation supports local organisations and charities in South Wales and the South West of England.

Michael Lane, chairman of Monmouthshire Building Society’s Charitable Foundation, said: “I am particularly delighted that the society’s Charitable Foundation was able to support so many great causes both in 2020 and during the previous twenty years.

“These are extremely testing times and the many organisations and charities that we assist, in turn support the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of society.”

Will Carroll, chief executive of Monmouthshire Building Society and Charitable Foundation Trustee, added: “The society’s Charitable Foundation is delighted to celebrate 20 years of supporting local organisations and charities.

“I am pleased that the Foundation could spread some joy in a year that was a huge challenge for a lot of people and organisations.

“I would personally like to thank the board of trustees who volunteer their time to run this foundation, without their dedication the foundation would not be able to support so many fantastic causes.”

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