Montello approved for distribution in Singapore

Robyn Hall

April 15, 2013

The Fund has been accepted by the Singaporean Authority and is now listed as an active listing for permissible collective investment schemes that can be sold in the country.

Montello has recently been expanding the distribution of the Montello Income Fund in Asia.

Managing director Christian Faes said: “We have found that the Fund is quite popular to offshore investors, particularly in Asia.

“We have a good stable of IFAs that support the fund from Hong Kong and we can now expand that distribution on to Singapore.”

The Montello Income Fund provides investors with a fixed return of 8.5% per annum.

The Fund is focussed on lending short-term against the London residential property market and all of the Fund’s loans are secured by registered first charges.

This news comes off the back of the recent ranking of the Montello Income Fund as a top performer by Trustnet in the sterling denominated Strategic Bond category. The Fund has a track record which exceeds the three year mark, which allows the Fund to be formally ranked.

Faes added: “We have had a number of very positive developments for the Montello Income Fund lately. We are finding that the Fund is particularly popular with investors that are looking for yield, and we believe that the fund provides a superior risk adjusted return.”

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