Montello launches case study website

Sam Cordon

October 14, 2013

Montello, which is also involved with the peer-to-peer mortgage lending platform LendInvest, said it was keen to showcase some of its recent transactions, to demonstrate the ways in which bridging finance can be useful for borrowers.

Montello plans to add to the case study website on a monthly basis, showcasing its most recent bridging finance transactions.

Christian Faes, managing director of Montello, said: “The investors in our Montello Income Fund and the Montello Development Finance Fund, and now on our peer-to-peer lending platform LendInvest, are always interested to hear about how bridging finance works.

“There is often a perception that bridging finance is particularly risky, however when you gain an understanding of the asset class you see that this is not always the case.

“We think that there is no better way to understand why a borrower uses bridging finance, than to run through a case study of a recent transaction.

“Bridging is an area of finance that generally provides a win-win scenario, and it is important for the investment community to understand this.”

Faes said that whilst bridging finance is usually more expensive than mainstream finance it is also funding that is provided very quickly.

He added: “For some borrowers the opportunity of quick funding far outweighs the premium associated with the costs of bridging finance.

“We were keen to highlight this with the case studies we will be providing on the website.”

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