Mortgage Broker Tools launches new subscription service

Jessica Nangle

February 12, 2020

Mortgage Broker Tools has launched a new subscription service for MBT Affordability.

The service is priced at £9.99 per user per month for unlimited affordability searches.

The new service, which replaces MBT Affordability’s existing pay as you go pricing model, has been introduced in direct response to feedback from brokers who have requested unlimited access to the platform alongside the certainty of knowing how much it will cost them each month.

Lewis Lenssen (pictured), managing director at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “It is less than a year since we launched MBT Affordability and we have already established a respected brand and vast appetite amongst brokers to use the platform as a way of identifying the best mortgage options for their clients.

“A consequence of this appetite was that brokers felt limited by the Pay As You Go model as they wanted to use the platform on every case, but also control their costs.

“So, we have taken this feedback on board and launched a simple subscription service that offers unlimited access every month, for a single, low price.

“This is great news for brokers, and great news for clients, as more will now benefit from the advantages of comprehensive affordability research – which can often result in them securing a preferable product.”

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