Mortgage Broker Tools launches weekly newsletter

Michael Lloyd

July 17, 2019

Mortgage Broker Tools has launched a free weekly newsletter called ‘Mr Affordability says…’ to keep brokers and lenders informed of the latest mortgage affordability insights, changes and trends.

The newsletter will provide brokers with insights based on information from cases run through its affordability calculator MBT Affordability. Sign-up is available on its website.

Lewis Lenssen (pictured), managing director at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “We launched MBT Affordability just over three months ago and we already have a large community of really engaged brokers.

“Whilst not essential for every case, the calculator always saves time and regularly identifies lender options that most advisers are not aware of.

“The objective of the “Mr Affordability says…” newsletter is to give brokers up to date insights that help them place cases and demonstrate their expert knowledge to customers.

“Mr Affordability will write to brokers every week the latest affordability news and updates. His newsletter will have an informal tone, but don’t underestimate the value of the insights – this is powerful information that could help every broker in the country.

“Think of Mr Affordability as the godfather of MBT Affordability. He spends every waking hour monitoring and analysing affordability, so you don’t have to. I don’t think he’ll ever be top of your Christmas card list, but he will help you to place more mortgage cases!”

Mortgage Broker Tools said Mr Affordability’s newsletter will highlight specific changes to the way lenders calculate affordability, provide information on important trends and detail affordability rankings for particular case types.

MBT Affordability was launched by Mortgage Broker Tools in April to provide brokers with one calculator that gives accurate residential affordability for all mainstream lenders.

The platform keeps a record of all cases and affordability results, providing an automatic compliance audit trail that demonstrates best affordability research.

Case details can be amended at any time and affordability can be re-queried.

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