Mortgage Broker Tools secures funding

Ryan Fowler

February 19, 2020

Mortgage Broker Tools has secured the funding to invest in building the next phase of its mortgage research software, following the launch of MBT Affordability.

To date MBT has processed more than 35,000 cases and completed 2.7 million lender calculations on its  MBT Affordability platform.

Lewis Lenssen, managing director at Mortgage Broker Tools, said: “At Mortgage Broker Tools, our plans are to grow our customer base by focusing on strategic partnerships with forward thinking networks, clubs and real estate groups.

“We will be announcing some important integrations with leading providers of mortgage software in the coming months and, in addition to building the next generation of mortgage research software, we will also be focusing on enhancing the way that intermediaries handle early customer engagement, with a suite of advance mortgage eligibility tools.

“As well as developing tools for brokers, we will continue to work closely with our mortgage lending partners to provide them with insights into the mortgage market and an additional channel for them to engage with intermediaries.”

Since its public launch in April 2019 Mortgage Broker Tools has grown the number of firms using MBT Affordability to more than a thousand.

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