Mortgage choice is on the rise

Nia Williams

November 17, 2011

This is according to Moneyfacts which found that this time last year the choice was a much more restrictive 2,493 and at the peak of the banking crisis in 2009, the number of mortgages fell to just 1,209.

Sylvia Waycot, spokesperson, commented: “Not only is mortgage choice on the rise, but the much sought-after higher LTVs are creeping back into vogue.

“Whilst 75% LTV offers the most choice, therefore suggesting it is the one that lenders want to push, the 85% LTV saw the biggest climb in products available over the last year.

“However, these mortgage deals are only on the table for an average of 25 days so speed is essential.

“Bank of England base rate may not have moved for 31 months, but mortgage fees definitely have. Today the average fee is £1,482; a rise of £575 in a year from last year’s average fee of just £907.

“The average rate for a two year fixed mortgage has fallen to 4.22% compared to a year ago, when it was 4.48%.

“Sadly, increased availability of mortgage products does not mean increased mortgage lending.

“Affordability remains a key factor, so lenders tend to target borrowers with sizable deposits who already have a proven payment history.”

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