Mortgage Gym to launch sourcing system

Ryan Bembridge

April 4, 2017

New ‘robo-adviser’ Mortgage Gym will launch a sourcing system integrating customers’ credit scores for brokers in the summer.

The system is called Mortgage Gym Pro and will feature 15,000 live rates from 20 lenders.

John Ingram, founder and chief executive of Mortgage Gym, said: “Back end systems are as important as front end to the financial services community.

“Brokers can use the sourcing system to save time with compliance and processing.”

There will be multiple levels of subscription to Mortgage Gym Pro, with the lender referral fee being split 75% to the broker and 25% to Mortgage Gym.

Under the most basic option brokers will pay for individual leads from Mortgage Gym, while those paying more will be able to put any customer through the system.

The firm said prices are still being finalised.

The adviser is an official partner of credit ratings agency Experian.

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