Mortgage Intelligence Holdings urge DA’s to beat the FSA fee deadline.

Andrew Goldsmith

March 3, 2010

Sally Laker, Managing Director, Mortgage Intelligence Holdings comments: “We have seen a huge surge in the number of Appointed Representative enquiries from Directly Authorised advisers recently who are seriously considering this route as a means to controlling their costs and cementing their future business success. We have two strong, financially secure and innovative networks for advisers to choose between with both, offering the same premium support, services and prompt proc fees. Where Mortgage Next Network and Mortgage Intelligence differ is in fee charging structure, which dependent on the size of a firm, the type of business written and adviser preference enables us to base recommendations. We have an extremely slick authorisation process in place for new advisers joining our networks and I would encourage advisers considering their status prior the 31st March to get in touch with us today.”

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