Mortgage job market heats up

Sarah Davidson

December 15, 2014

It now takes an average of 2.1 interviews to get a position in the industry but many mortgage professionals no longer feel equipped to capitalise with three in ten saying they are too rusty at interviews.

Tara Ricks, managing director of Randstad Financial & Professional, said: “Memories of the great recession are fading.

“The economy is back on its feet and the UK is currently the fastest growing country in the developed world.

“The number of jobs is soaring, not least in the mortgage industry where business has clearly improving a great deal since the dark days of 2012.

“We’re currently recruiting for a significant number of mortgage advisors to work in the retail banking sector – the situation is utterly unrecognisable from two years ago.”

Half of the mortgage professionals (52%) said they only had one interview before landing their current role, with another quarter required just two (27%).

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