Mortgage plc targets growth in 2005

Amanda Jarvis

January 10, 2005

Since its acquisition by Merrill Lynch in November 2004, Mortgages plc has been formulating plans to accelerate its growth in the non-conforming mortgage market. Peter Beaumont, Sales & Marketing Director at Mortgages plc said: “Our acquisition by Merrill Lynch has given us access to cheaper funding which we intend to take full advantage of. We have some exciting product plans on the drawing board and are in the process of substantially strengthening our sales and operations teams. 2005 is going to be an exciting time at Mortgages plc.”

Mortgages plc is running an advertising campaign in which it is seeking to recruit regional and area managers, introducer support consultants, underwriters and mortgage processors. The posts will be both regionally based and in Mortgages plc’s Glasgow office. Anyone interested in taking up a position with Mortgages plc should contact Margaret McCulloch, Head of Human Resources, by e-mail at [email protected]

Shortly after its acquisition by Merrill Lynch, Mortgages plc announced a 0.25% cut in its standard variable rate and announced a number of strategic enhancements to its product range, including the introduction of stepped discounts, free valuations, and cashbacks. The company has also announced it is moving head office and joining Merrill Lynch in its offices in the centre of London.

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