Mortgage Promotions chooses the Special Risks Bureau

Amanda Jarvis

January 12, 2006

The membership is drawn from independent financial advisers, tied agents, mortgage brokers, accountants, estate agents and solicitors.
The philosophy of Mortgage Promotions is based on independence and choice. Registered firms retain their own FSA registration, retain responsibility for the advice to the client and most importantly retain the ownership of the client. Choice is delivered to registered users because each user chooses which of the products and services they use and how often they use them.
This matches completely with the SRB approach which helps advisers find the best Life and Health cover for their more complex clients without interfering with the adviser’s responsibility for the advice or the ownership of the client. Advisers are presented with a raft of potential solutions from the SRB Panel and they choose which is best for their client.
Mortgage Promotions has signed a master agreement with SRB to allow all its members to access the service without signing further documents. Dedicated application forms will be made available of the Mortgage Promotions website.
SRB’s Executive Chairman Garry Heath explains;”We look at Mortgage Promotions as a major plank in the development of our business in 2006. We are very impressed with the quality of their membership and we believe that we will experience a very solid take up of our services. We will be marketing to their membership in the next week. It is also great to be working again with Nick Baxter, who was our mortgage partner at IFA Portfolio and such an important part of its success. ”
Nick Baxter, Managing Director of Mortgage Promotions comments; “The Special Risks Bureau expands the services we offer to the mortgage advising community. We are seeing the regulatory focus moving more towards the concept of “Treating Clients Fairly”. Obtaining economical life cover for clients with previous medical conditions or those with hazardous occupations and pursuits must be an integral part of an adviser’s response to that concept..

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