Mortgage Promotions in Standard Life exclusive

Amanda Jarvis

January 29, 2003

Members of Mortgage Promotions who arrange a Standard Life Bank Freestyle mortgage with Offsetting discount online will save their customers the normal Standard Life Bank Offsetting fee of £150.00. This offer continues until 15 March 2003 and is subject to demand.

Commenting on the exclusive product, Nick Baxter, Director of Mortgage Promotions, said: “I am pleased that this exclusive deal has a very visible and tangible consumer benefit – namely our members can immediately show their customers that they have been able to save them a £150.00 normal set up fee.”

The introducer procuration fee for Standard Life Bank business introduced by Mortgage Promotions members will remain the same as normal on this product, which is 0.42% of the advance except when the advance is greater than £150,001 for which the fee is 0.44% of the advance.

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