Mortgage Support Network moves offices

Michael Lloyd

September 13, 2018

Mortgage Support Network (MSN), the Leicester based mortgage network, will move into larger offices in the city, which will also see HL Partnership sharing facilities.

The move, which is the first significant investment arising from the purchase in July 2017, of MSN by Josewin, HL Partnership’s parent, comes as MSN is reporting significant business growth.

Shaun Almond, MSN director, said: “Thanks to the purchase by Josewin, HL Partnership’s parent, we are seeing the advantages of having access to deeper pockets, which are allowing us to invest in improving the infrastructure of the business.

“The new head office is large enough to support our growth and also provide facilities, which we can share with HL Partnership, for the improvement of AR services for both of our networks.”

Chris Tanner, chief executive of HL Partnership, said: “We are delighted to see Mortgage Support Network moving into their new offices.

“This more than demonstrates how, with the right investment, a smaller network like MSN can thrive in a sector offering so many other choices for advisers.

“This is very much a win:win scenario for the whole group. MSN, under Shaun Almond’s leadership, is growing and thanks to the family relationship between MSN and HL Partnership, this joint cooperation will see us sharing facilities and services, which cuts costs, while improving services to our AR’s across both networks.”

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