Mortgageforce achieves record results

Mortgage Introducer

November 22, 2018

Mortgageforce, the Derby and London based support services provider, has achieved record yearly results.

Loan volumes for the year ending Sept 30 totalled £1.35bn and the business produced its fourth consecutive year of on-target profits.

Kevin Duffy (pictured), managing director, said: “Despite all of the Brexit scare-mongering, trading conditions were fine.

“London is our engine room but in having half of our brokers based in the provinces we are slightly insulated from the recent calming of activity in the South East.

“Next year could see us get very close to £2bn in brokerage, emboldened by some very high-quality recruitment from competitors and via the centralising of expertise and costs in a new City of London office.

“That won’t necessitate growth for its own sake, because 100 brokers are more than enough to support our ambitions.”

Discussions at the company’s annual conference at the NED private members club will feature in January’s edition of MI

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