Mortgages for Business now automating buy-to-let applications

Ryan Bembridge

September 4, 2018

The broker Mortgages for Business has started automating the buy-to-let application submission process with lenders Kent Reliance and Paragon.

Rather than advisers doing things manually an agreement in principle is generated, after which, if good to go, it proceeds with a full mortgage application.

Mark Ryan, IT director, said: “Recent advancements in robotics have helped us overcome some of the challenges we previously faced when trying to automate application submissions, particularly with lenders’ legacy systems.

“We’ve invested heavily and have been working collaboratively with Extra Technology, the intelligent automation experts since last December. Five staff members are now certified Advanced Automation Anywhere professionals but all of our BTL advisers are successfully using the technology to submit applications to both Kent Reliance and Paragon.”

Mortgages for Business initially engaged with Kent Reliance to develop and test the technology which extrapolates, manipulates and deposits data directly from the firm’s CRM database into Kent Reliance’s submission system.

Adrian Moloney, sales director of OneSavings Bank, which owns the Kent Reliance brand, said: “Automation improves the accuracy of information being input because it reduces the opportunities for human error. This means we can process applications much faster.”

After that Mortgages for Business approached other buy-to–let lenders to ascertain interest in adopting the technology and Paragon was first to respond.

John Heron, managing director of mortgages at Paragon, said: “We are keen to exploit opportunities to improve the customer journey for our intermediaries and their customers.

“Therefore, when the opportunity to work with Mortgages for Business on robotic processing arose, we joined with enthusiasm.

“Roll-out was quick and straightforward, with the implementation highlighting the huge potential for enhanced technology to improve customer experience in our industry.”

Mortgages for Business is now working to roll out the process with Precise Mortgages.

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