Mortgages for Business launches BTL sourcing tool

Nia Williams

April 23, 2009

In addition to the Buy to Let sourcing element, they have created a portfolio management tool. This has been carefully developed over the last 12 months and has been designed around the feedback received from the broker market.

Mortgage Flow not only provides a comprehensive, up to the minute screen based reference library of the best Buy to Let mortgages currently available in the market, but also allows brokers to fully manage all of their client’s personal and portfolio details in a multi functional user friendly system.

Mortgage Flow is being continually updated to allow brokers access to the most up to date mortgage information. The system boasts a large number of powerful benefits, including:

• Access to live data 24 hours a day • The facility to comprehensively search availability criteria • Valuation and rent to interest search criteria

• Ease of transaction and use

• The ability to fully submit all applications online

• The ability to manage landlords’ portfolio information, clients standing data and all transactional data

• Pre-population of application forms based on clients standing data

• Import and export of information from and to various sources

Nick Blunt, Head of Business Partner Development at Mortgages for Business commented, ‘Mortgage Flow is an extension and enhancement of our previous market-leading Buy to Let sourcing tool ‘Bluesky’. It has been developed by Buy to Let brokers for Buy to Let brokers to ensure ease of transaction and reduction of administrative burden in these difficult times. Further enhancements to the system will follow to allow Mortgage Flow to remain as the market leading Buy to Let broker tool.’

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