Mortgages plc joins em- roadshow

Amanda Jarvis

April 19, 2006

It will be amongst the presenters at its roadshows in Leicester and Bolton on May 10 and 11 respectively.

Julian Wells, head of marketing at Mortgages plc, said: “We are delighted to be taking part in these roadshows. As a branded lending partner it is important that we work in partnership with em- at every opportunity, and high profile events such as these are an excellent way to do this.”

The two roadshow events, which are run in a roundtable format, will be supported by five residential lenders and representatives from the em-commercial, international, bridging and secured loan departments. Plus all attendees will receive a Certificate of Continuous Professional Development to add to their files.

Stuart Brumhill, head of marketing at em-, said: “Mortgages plc will be one of five mortgage lenders who, together with the all the em- brands, will be presenting at the Leicester and Bolton roadshows. When selecting lenders to present at the roadshows events we aim not only to identify a representative sample of our market leading lender panel, but also bring to the attention of brokers those lenders that can help broaden a brokers revenue streams. Mortgages plc very much fits both those criteria.”

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