Mortgages plc warns packagers

Amanda Jarvis

March 21, 2003

In the first of a series of three packager roadshows held at Warwick University, Peter Beaumont, Mortgages plc's sales & marketing director, told an assembled audience of 60 packagers that they ignore the effects of regulation at their peril: “The Ostrich syndrome will inevitably lead to the Dodo effect and you therefore need to start planning today if you are to have a chance of prosperity tomorrow.”

Mortgages plc head of compliance, Phil Tinsley, went on to explain the implications of CP's 146, 159, 160, 166 & 174 and further presentations were given by Richard Griffiths, managing director of Network Data, Vic Jannels of All Types of Mortgages and Julian Wells, head of marketing for Mortgages plc.

In conclusion to the days presentations Peter Beaumont reminded packagers that “out of adversity comes opportunity” and encouraged them to start developing their business strategies for survival in a regulated mortgage market.

Mortgages plc is hosting two further packager roadshows: on Thursday 27 March at Reading University and Monday 31st March at Chester College. A limited number of places are still available.

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