Movin Legal and FIBA partner

Jake Carter

September 22, 2021

Movin Legal and the Financial Intermediary and Broker Association (FIBA) have partnered together to offer a solution to their intermediary partners and members in sourcing conveyancing for bridging, development and commercial property deals for both purchase and refinance.

The partnership aims to help FIBA members and intermediaries find the right legal deal to suit their clients’ needs and timescales in specialist markets.

John Ahmed, chief executive of Movin Legal, said: “COVID and the resulting pandemic over the past 18 months has shown how useful and essential good technology is for our industry.

“It has also highlighted how important it is to ensure positive communication between all parties on the more complex finance and legal deals.

“Not every transaction is clear cut and requires people to speak to each other to delve into the potential complexities of the case and what legal time-frame people are expecting.

“At Movin Legal we take a professional hands-on approach to get these deals completed ensuring we take care of intermediary clients. We have an internal service team and a team of highly experienced business development managers in conveyancing to make sure the intermediary and their clients are best placed to suit each individual specialist circumstance.”

Adam Tyler, executive chairman at FIBA, added: “For many years I have sought to ensure that the customers solicitor in a commercial property transaction has the knowledge and ability to understand the speed and the process required.

“Both our lenders and brokers are looking for a solution to enable the right legal adviser to be put in place at the outset and the Movin Legal platform in conjunction with FIBA is a real development that will ensure there are more chances of successful completions across our sector”

Emma Hall, key relationship director at Movin Legal, said: “It has been great to work with Adam and his team in getting to where we are today.

“We both share the same vision in how we can help brokers have a smoother journey in the conveyancing process.”

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