Movin Legal urges brokers to continue instructing conveyancing cases

Jake Carter

April 2, 2020

Movin Legal is urging brokers to continue instructing conveyancing cases in order to keep their pipelines topped up.

The firm outlines that much of the mortgage market remains open despite the pandemic, and brokers should prepare for a return to normality.

While government guidelines advise only to move property if an individual has already exchanged, the firm points to the remortgage market, which it said remains very active.

Movin Legal believes customers are looking to “secure some of the best mortgage rates ever available”.

John Ahmed, chief executive of Movin Legal, said: “Clients might not be able to move yet but they will still want to.

“And, of course, some clients will need to move for reasons such as death, divorce and debt.

“The advice we would give to our brokers who have clients that are looking to transact whether for purchase or remortgage is simple, don’t delay and instruct your solicitor today.

“Once the market begins to return to normality there is a real risk of conveyancing pipelines becoming jammed with the influx of new business.

“This then influences the cash flow of brokers, who do not get paid until the transaction is complete.

“In these uncertain times, planning ahead where possible will be crucial.

“Law firms will still be open files and start their due diligence.

“Clients can complete their initial paperwork and even partial enquiries can be requested and answered.

“Brokers need to get their clients into the queue as soon as possible.

“There are widely reported issues regarding delays with both surveyors and also searches.”

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