MPPI sales double for Select & Protect

Nia Williams

December 9, 2009

The product, provided by FirstAssist Insurance Services, was launched to address a number of broker demands to protect their customers comprehensively at a competitive price.

Paul Firkins, sales director for Select & Protect said: “Our MPPI product boasts a number of selling points including the option to sell Unemployment only cover and the option to sell the product as standalone – features which are strongly sought after in the current climate, yet lacking from many competitor MPPI products currently on the market. Within just two weeks of the launch, we saw MPPI sales increase by over 90% so there is clearly a high consumer demand and we’re pleased that we can fill this gap in the market.”

The MPPI product is available to registered brokers via S&P’s fully compliant online trading platform, S2, and full product details, sales tips and comparisons for the product can be found at .

Select & Protect are now preparing to roll out a follow-up e-campaign to its brokers communicating the importance of MPPI in the current climate and how to successfully market the product to new and existing customers. As part of the campaign, three lucky brokers will win a Marketing Consultant for the day to enable them to market this important cover to their clients.

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