MTF: Now for stamp duty relief

Ryan Fowler

May 13, 2020

The government should provide further stimulus to the market to help speed up the recovery of the sector following COVID-19 crisis restrictions. 

Following a partial shutdown of the market the government has now released restrictions on moving and surveying homes.

But Tomer Aboody (pictured), director of property lender MT Finance, welcomed the news but said more could still be done to help stimulate the market.

He said: “We are still hopeful that the government will provide further stimulus to the housing market with some kind of stamp duty relief or holiday.

“Stamp duty has probably been the most decisive factor in the slowdown of the housing market over the past few years, and given the current climate, some relief here would prove to be a real boost.”

He added: “This is a really positive step towards normality returning to the housing market, with many valuers starting to visit properties and getting mortgage applications moving.

“Access to homes for viewings will help speed up that process. Banks are eager to lend, as they are highly liquid and with solid foundations.”

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