Why we must move forward

Ryan Bembridge

June 9, 2017

The United Kingdom must move forward to retain momentum in the UK property market, Paresh Raja, chief executive of Market Financial Solutions has urged.

Theresa May (pictured) looks set to form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party after the Tories fell short of an overall majority.

Raja said: “As Brits woke up this morning, this election result probably came as a shock – Theresa May’s attempt to secure more Conservative Party seats in Parliament has failed and her own position as Prime Minister is now in question.

“Following a visit to The Queen, Mrs May has since promised to provide “certainty”, stating she will form a government with the Democratic Unionists Party.

“While not downplaying the significance of the election result and subsequent manoeuvrings, we must move forward and ensure that the economy is not held to ransom by long political negotiations and party bargaining.

“At this time of transition, the onus now lies on the next government, in whatever form it may take, to demonstrate the leadership required to keep momentum within the private sector, and in particular, the UK property market.”

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