NACFB: Lending to SMEs grows for fourth year running.

Nia Williams

September 10, 2013

The survey also found:

• Overall lending to businesses was up by over 16%

• There is real tangible evidence of the effect of peer-to-peer lending to SMEs

• There was over 128% increase in buy-to-let lending helping the housing market

• There was a further increase in asset and equipment finance lending from NACFB brokers

Chief executive of the NACFB, Adam Tyler, commented: “We have continued to see the SME community struggling to be aware of the funding that is available to them and the impact of our raised profile in the UK SME market is now beginning to have an effect.

“Our latest figures reveal the true position of both excellent and vulnerable businesses across the whole of the UK. It shows that they can source funding if they know where to look; increases in alternative lending as well as asset finance show an increase in the diversity of funders that are available to our membership, who are arranging an increased level of finance for business for the fourth year running.

“These figures reveal what anecdotal evidence has already shown: that funding for businesses is still difficult to access but we are making it easier if you know where to look. The NACFB has 93 different commercial lenders that are part of its 1000 member organisation.”

He continued: “I expected to see an increase in written business overall for the fourth year running, but it shows something never seen before – that written business by our asset finance brokers, who have had a difficult 12 months, exceed that of commercial mortgages.

“In addition the increase in other forms of commercial finance including peer to peer is evident to see and takes on more prominence that ever.”

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