Nationwide flexible for those affected by COVID-19

Jake Carter

March 10, 2020

Nationwide house prices

Nationwide confirmed that it will be assessing customers affected by Coronavirus on a case-by-case basis.

The building society will allow payment holidays on mortgages and penalty-free early access to savings in fixed term accounts.

It will also offer increased credit card and overdraft limits, as well as removing interest charges on credit cards and overdrafts.

Nationwide has said that it is working with the government and the wider industry in relation to COIVD-19.

Sara Bennison, chief marketing officer, Nationwide said: “As a major UK financial services provider, and employer, we are continuing to work on our response to what is an evolving picture.

“Alongside concerns over contracting the disease, it is natural that people may also start worry about their finances due to any potential drop in income should they or family fall ill.

“As a mutual our members are at the heart of what we do, and we stand ready to support them through difficult periods.

“If they do have concerns, we would encourage them to get in touch sooner rather than later so we can talk them through the options available to them.

“We hope by reminding our members of the services we offer, but hope they will not need, we can provide a level of reassurance that should the worst happen we will do our very best to support them through periods of uncertainty and potential financial difficulty.”

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